Why a good headshot is so important for small businesses

Small businesses are often hailed as the bread and butter of the current economic scene, and it’s not hard to see why. According to the Small Business Association, small businesses have generated 64% of new jobs and paid 44% of the total United States payroll since 1995, making them fruitful ventures that provide well for both consumers and those who work for them.

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If you work for or run a small business you’ll know that effective marketing can make all the difference when it comes to facilitating growth and ensuring your business garners the attention it deserves.

A high-quality headshot can elevate your brand and help you get the recognition you need. Read on to find out more about why headshots are important for small businesses.

It helps with media relations

Working well with the media is crucial if your small business is going to flourish, and having headshots is one way that you can simplify the process. Media outlets will appreciate the fact that you already have images that they can use. It makes their job easier and it will allow you to stay in control of what is published about you and your business.

It’s good for recruitment

When people go to apply for a job, what do you think the first thing they do is? More often than not, it’s checking the company website. Having an About Us section on your website with headshots of you and your employees allows people to get a feel for what your business is like and whether or not they are likely to fit in. This can help you to filter out unsuitable candidates and ensure that those who apply for a job with you understand, at least to some extent, what you stand for as a company.

It keeps your social channels looking interesting

All successful small businesses need to make good use of social media to attract new clients and keep current ones updated. Using good imagery is a sure-fire way to make your pages more engaging. Use headshots on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to add interest to your pages and solidify your identity.

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