Professional Headshots in Chicago are an Industry Standard

Studies have shown a great headshot will land you more job opportunities. Headshots are still one of the best LinkedIn and social media investments.


Your Professional Side

People tend to hire and do business with those who they like and trust. Having a great headshot puts you ahead of the competition when it comes to showcasing who you are and what you have to offer to potential employers and clients.

Headshots That Bring Out Your Best

As the saying goes... "dress for the job you want, not the job you have". We don't only focus on where you are at in your career but photograph you with your career goals in mind. Our goal is to get you a genuinely authentic shot of yourself that represents you and becomes your digital handshake.

Bring Out Your Photogenic Self

Our process is designed so that you become comfortable in front of the camera. At JA Headshots, we believe that everyone is photogenic; we just help you highlight your unique features and personality. 

Stand Out To Prospective Clients And Employers

One of the first thing your prospective clients and employers will notice is how you carry yourself on LinkedIn. We are here to help give you the most competitive advantage in the marketplace by creating professional corporate headshots that sparkle with personality and still show your professional side.

Does your team need headshots?

We specialize in working with companies of all sizes to equip their team with great corporate headshots. We work on understanding your companies specific needs and craft a plan specifically to help your team achieve their creative and business goals.

"My experience with Joshua Albanese was great! He is not only extremely professional but very talented at what he does. My pictures came out better than I could've imagined and it's because Joshua makes it his primary goal to capture your uniquely authentic personality. I would recommend him to anyone looking for new headshots and anyone looking to make a great first impression. Thanks again, Joshua!"

Get More Jobs And Make More Money On LinkedIn

Today's social media driven world places a heavy emphasis on your personal image and how you look in photographs.

JA Headshots is focused on helping you create a powerful social media presence through great corporate headshots that sell your unique personality. This means you can land more jobs and make more money by capturing more attention online.

We Capture Amazing Business Portraits

Creating an amazing headshot is all about understanding yourself and your target audience. At JA Headshots, our team of professional headshot photographers will take you though the not-so-painful process of creating an outstanding image of yourself that you love. 

Professional Work Profiles Matter

In our digital world we often meet and socialize online and via social media before ever meeting in person. This means it's vitally important to have a great professional profile picture. This is your chance to impress! At JA Headshots we help you create an amazing personal brand image that will help you stand out and shine.

Spice Up All Your Work Profiles

These days we tend to interact with people more on social media than we do in real life. This means it's vitally important to have a great corporate headshot, because most people's first impression of you will be how they see you online. JA Headshots we help you create an amazing corporate headshot that will stand the test of time.