How To Increase Your Conversion Rates Using Professional Photos

How To Increase Your Conversion Rates Using Professional Photos

Images have a lot of power, especially for digital marketers. This is because images have the ability to significantly increase your company’s conversion rates. But why?

The internet is an image-centric system and many online users prefer to consume images rather than text. What’s more, they can be used to help guide consumer behavior to (you guessed it) boost conversion rates.

To help your company make the most out of the images you use, here are a few guidelines to increase your own conversion rates.

  1. Tie the images you use to your products or services. It wouldn’t make sense if the images of your employees on your website showed them outdoors on a corporate camping trip if you’re selling IT services. As a marketer, you need to tie the images you’re using to the services and products your company offers. For instance, use the image of a happy workforce if you’re marketing great customer service.
  2. Only use high-quality images. Online users see low-quality images as unprofessional, which isn’t something you want to have reflected back on your company. That said, be sure to use professional photography services to get the highest quality photos possible for your images.
  3. Put a face to the name. It’s great to use images of your products on your website and in your marketing campaigns, but make sure you’re also using images of your employees, workplace, or customers. These images help to humanize your company and comfort potential consumers who may see your business as just another corporate company. Images of customer support workers on your customer support page will also make customers feel cared about because they know they’ll be speaking with a real person and not an automated service.

The Professional Photos Chicago Businesses Trust

Professional photography had come a long way. In fact, the number of photographs that are taken within two minutes in a single day is the same number of photographs taken by all of humankind in the 1800s.

That said, whether you’re interested in professional portraits or LinkedIn headshots, it’s important that you use a professional photography studio who knows what they’re doing.

JA Headshots offers the professional photos Chicago businesses trust to put on their websites, LinkedIn profiles, and social media pages. To learn more about our headshot photographers or to schedule your own professional corporate headshots, contact JA Headshots today.

Joshua Albanese

Joshua Albanese is portrait photographer and owner of two headshot photography businesses based in Chicago, Illinois. He is owner and master photographer for JA Headshots photography which specializes in Corporate headshots and business portraits in Chicago’s West Loop Neighborhood. He is also the owner of Joshua Albanese Photography which is focused on actor headshots and creative headshots for musical artists alike. He created the Natural Shot Method and teaches his the style of positive psychology for all headshot photographers. Headshots have grown into a “must have” with the importance of personal branding. It’s his belief that a professional headshot has become a modern day business card for business professionals. Joshua and his Wife, Caitlin and their two cats live in Chicago, IL where he is focused on community development, and growing the youth into leaders. Joshua Studied Photography and acting at Indiana University Northwest and learned the art of the headshot from his acting background.

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