Nice To Meet You: Simple Tips To Make A Good First Impression On Customers

Nice To Meet You: Simple Tips To Make A Good First Impression On Customers

It’s crucial to make a strong first impression to develop customer relationships and make sales. From the second you approach a new customer, your personal presentation will influence that customer’s decision on whether to choose your business.

But how will your customers make decisions about you and what is it that they’re looking for? Here are a few ways you can make a good first impression on your new customers so they’ll keep coming back to your business again and again.

Use the right body language when meeting them

Customers trust their gut when making a business decision and that’s largely based on early decisions they’ve made about you. These decisions are often based on your mannerisms, body language, facial expressions, word choices, and tone of voice.

These are a lot of small things to do keep in mind when meeting someone new. To help you, here are some useful tips to remember:

    • Give a friendly, sincere greeting.
    • Make eye contact when shaking their hand.
    • Smile warmly.
    • Pay attention to what your customer is saying.

This last point is important because oftentimes you’ll have an idea of what to say in the back of your mind. But if you have something to say to your customer already queued up, it won’t sound natural during the conversation.

Dress and act the part

Your appearance is an important factor in showing your customers that you respect your business, services, and products. This doesn’t just mean dressing professionally.

You’ll want to be sure that you’re confident, but relaxed with a straight posture. Make sure that the clothes you’re wearing are tailored to fit you. A baggy suit may tell a customer you don’t have the time to put in the effort for fixing details.

Finally, you’ll also want to be sure that your company headshots match your appearance. You don’t want to use headshots that are any more than two to five years old.

Corporate headshots Chicago customers will take seriously

In a study of LinkedIn photos, it was found that those who smiled with teeth, had accentuated jawlines, dressed formally, made eye contact, and had slight eye squints gave better first impressions.

JA Headshots provides corporate headshots Chicago companies can rely on to make the best first impression possible on new customers, clients, and business partners. To learn more about our professional portraits or to schedule a professional photography session for your business, contact JA Headshots today.

Joshua Albanese

Joshua Albanese is portrait photographer and owner of two headshot photography businesses based in Chicago, Illinois. He is owner and master photographer for JA Headshots photography which specializes in Corporate headshots and business portraits in Chicago’s West Loop Neighborhood. He is also the owner of Joshua Albanese Photography which is focused on actor headshots and creative headshots for musical artists alike. He created the Natural Shot Method and teaches his the style of positive psychology for all headshot photographers. Headshots have grown into a “must have” with the importance of personal branding. It’s his belief that a professional headshot has become a modern day business card for business professionals. Joshua and his Wife, Caitlin and their two cats live in Chicago, IL where he is focused on community development, and growing the youth into leaders. Joshua Studied Photography and acting at Indiana University Northwest and learned the art of the headshot from his acting background.

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