Vision for JA Headshots

Vision for JA Headshots

The focus is on you.

It seems like only a few years ago that I had this grand vision of how I wanted my headshot business to look. Our humble beginnings actually started when I was a struggling actor trying to make ends meet. I wanted to be a headshot photographer so I could support my passion for acting.

I was also sick and tired of the way headshots in Chicago were being shot. It’s not that there were bad headshot photographers, but rather that the photography I saw didn’t really encapsulate or help the actors in the way I felt I could. See, I was actually one of the most insecure actors, struggling in every headshot session to get the shots I thought I could get. For my first headshots, I spent $80 for five looks. Can you guess how much interest from casting directors and agents I got from them? Zero.

I learned right away you get what you pay for, but it’s actually much worse than just $80. I wasted several months of my time using these headshots, missing audition chances and not getting a single agent to take me seriously. So that $80 headshot session cost me $3,000-$5,000 worth of work! And that is being conservative at $500-$800 a month in potential bookings.

My second headshot session was after six months of no work or interest. I didn’t want to waste any more money or time so I hired the best photographer in Chicago at that time and got amazing headshots. FINALLY! They were the most beautiful photographs I had ever taken but were they good enough? Did they have what it takes to be successful? This is what sparked my passion or as everyone around me calls it…. my obsession. I became obsessed with creating headshots that actually honor and reflect my clients while educating them on how to be the best version of themselves in front of the camera.

I learned from my previous experience that a headshot is so so so much more than just a picture. It’s much more than just an exchange between a client and a photographer. I had an opportunity as a photographer to make a lasting impression on my clients. A chance to help them better their lives not just with great headshots but with resources and advice that I learned first hand in the business and that I had gained from working with other artists and photographers.

This is why JAHeadshots is the top Chicago headshot photography. It’s because we convert your investment in yourself into a huge money-making opportunity. The ROI (return on investment) is one of the best in the business.

So let’s get honest here and I want to share with you my special plan. That is why you are reading this blog, right?

My goal is that every person in the country has the opportunity to take an amazing headshot. So I have set out on a path to train professional photographers nationwide to shoot using my unique Natural Shot Method. This is a brand new system that I developed to get the results you have always wished could come from headshot session.

So here we are today nearly ten years after I opened up my first headshot company to live a larger and bigger life that we call JAHeadshots.

CEO of JAHeadshots

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Joshua Albanese

Joshua Albanese is portrait photographer and owner of two headshot photography businesses based in Chicago, Illinois. He is owner and master photographer for JA Headshots photography which specializes in Corporate headshots and business portraits in Chicago’s West Loop Neighborhood. He is also the owner of Joshua Albanese Photography which is focused on actor headshots and creative headshots for musical artists alike. He created the Natural Shot Method and teaches his the style of positive psychology for all headshot photographers. Headshots have grown into a “must have” with the importance of personal branding. It’s his belief that a professional headshot has become a modern day business card for business professionals. Joshua and his Wife, Caitlin and their two cats live in Chicago, IL where he is focused on community development, and growing the youth into leaders. Joshua Studied Photography and acting at Indiana University Northwest and learned the art of the headshot from his acting background.

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