What Can I Do To Help My Business Stay Current?

What Can I Do To Help My Business Stay Current?

As a business owner, one of your priorities is to make sure your company is staying up to date in the professional and marketing world. When your business falls behind, it gives your competition a leg up against you and takes a toll on your revenue.

To help you keep your business up-to-date and modern, here’s what your business needs to upgrade every two to three years to ensure optimal results.

Your Company Website

Technology and trends change regularly, which makes it important to keep your website ahead of the game. When you haven’t updated your website in more than three years, there’s a chance it’s causing you more problems than it’s fixing.

Your website needs to load within a three-second period. It also needs to be straightforward and up-to-date with other website trends.

Your Employee Headshots

Headshots are a critical part of your company branding. When your website has employee headshots that are out of sync, it tells your consumers and potential business partners that your business isn’t professional.

Approximately 80% to 90% of a person’s first impression is based on competence and trustworthiness. Your employee headshots need to convey this immediately to your consumers.

Another reason why it’s important to update your employee headshots every two to three years is that both you and your employees change. When a person meets you, they expect you to look the way you do in your headshot portrait. If you don’t, it can be confusing and tells your consumer that you might not be trustworthy.

Your Company Events

It’s great to have your company engaged with the community and to partake in certain events. Events that happen every year may give a sense of structure, but they can also create a sense of monotony.

To keep things fresh and to put your business in a better light, consider switching up the types of events your company partakes in every few years. The change of pace can do a lot for your business’ representation and public image.

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Joshua Albanese

Joshua Albanese is portrait photographer and owner of two headshot photography businesses based in Chicago, Illinois. He is owner and master photographer for JA Headshots photography which specializes in Corporate headshots and business portraits in Chicago’s West Loop Neighborhood. He is also the owner of Joshua Albanese Photography which is focused on actor headshots and creative headshots for musical artists alike. He created the Natural Shot Method and teaches his the style of positive psychology for all headshot photographers. Headshots have grown into a “must have” with the importance of personal branding. It’s his belief that a professional headshot has become a modern day business card for business professionals. Joshua and his Wife, Caitlin and their two cats live in Chicago, IL where he is focused on community development, and growing the youth into leaders. Joshua Studied Photography and acting at Indiana University Northwest and learned the art of the headshot from his acting background.

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